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Paget Brewster 300x225 Criminal Minds Season Finale And Emily Prentiss Leaves The Show!

Tonight’s 2 hour Criminal Minds season finale was a lot more action packed than usual and included a huge explosion. It was also riddled with symbolism as we prepared to say goodbye to S.A. Emily Prentiss for a second time. I’ve written up an in depth recap over at my gig on The Celebrity Cafe at the links below. They are separated into two different reviews since it was a 2 hour episode.

Criminal Minds Hit

Criminal Minds Run

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Criminal Minds Book It vintage t Retro Book It T Shirt Seen On Criminal Minds Episode Closing Time!

On tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds I saw one of the coolest retro rag shirts EVER. It was a light blue Book It shirt.  Once I saw it I knew I had to have it. It’s a great way to be super styling and remind my kids that reading is important. So if you also saw this shirt or maybe just like the sound of it, you can find it in the Book It Store. It’s only $14. I absolutely must purchase it right now! Yes I’m a total nerd, I’m okay with it!

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Screen Shot 2012 02 15 at 4.30.36 PM Paget Brewster To Leave Criminal Minds At End Of 7th Season.Breaking news states that Paget Brewster will be leaving the cast of Criminal Minds at the end of this season. I think we all knew that she was unhappy on the show. She has made Tweets a few times about how she loves the people but is ready to move on and do different things. I for one can say I’ll support whatever decision she makes and do my best to watch whatever new show in which she stars. My heart is breaking for yet another loss of Emily Prentiss. But hey, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Looks like everyone besides Matthew Gubler has renewed their contract so far. The word is he is currently renegotiating. I’m torn. Part of me knows for a fact that without Dr. Reid this show won’t work, it will be canceled immediately because he is one of the biggest reasons people tune in. However the other side of me realizes that his heart is in directing and not acting. I’m sure he loves Spencer Reid and that Spencer is a part of him, but there is probably more out there for this budding director.

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Lee Allport and Ed Bernero While Ed Bernero Is Saying Goodbye To Criminal Minds, AJ Cook Might Be Saying Hello Again!

Entertainment ExactLee With Criminal Minds Show Runner Ed Bernero

Over at my friend Jill’s blog she has a great story up about my favorite show Criminal Minds. The basis is that Executive Producer Ed Bernero has announced he is leaving the show and AJ Cook (who plays JJ Jareau) is in talks to come back for the following season. Looks like maybe, just maybe Paget Brewster will be back as well.

Unfortunately Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson are still in contract negotiation so we aren’t positive they will be coming back. I for one don’t think I’d watch the show if Hotch left. I just can’t imagine it. As much as I love Shemar, though not as much as Shemar loves Shemar, I would watch without him. He is great but doesn’t add an addiction appeal. My one true deal breaker is Spencer Reid. The show without Spencer Reid wouldn’t be the show anymore. It would fall apart. I don’t think many would watch.

Be sure to check out the full story at What are your opinions?

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You Need To Watch CBS’s Criminal Minds Episode Lauren Wednesday Night!

March 15, 2011

We’ve seen a lot of intense drama from CBS’s Criminal Minds during the past 6 seasons . First, Dr. Spencer Reid was kidnapped and tortured in an epically brutal way. Then Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner was nearly blown up in a car bomb which claimed the life of another agent. Penelope Garcia was shot by [...]

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Paget Brewster Lands NBC Pilot!

March 11, 2011

Whether you’ve been reading MySentimentExactLee for over 2 years or this blog for 2 weeks you know my affinity for my Criminal Minds actors. I’ve been really upset lately because Paget Brewster decided to take advantage of her “Pilot Out” meaning she was given contractual permission from Criminal Minds to try out a new pilot. [...]

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Interview With Criminal Minds Guest Star Stone Eisenmann!

September 21, 2010

In July 2010 I had the honor of working with multi talented Zadrina Eisenmann on a charity benefit for The Lung Cancer Foundation of America for our friend Andy Swan. At this event I met her two children Stone and HannaH. On Wednesday, September 22, at 9PM EST Stone will guest star as a young [...]

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Executive Producer Ed Bernero And The Criminal Minds Cast Hosts Action On Film Festival Special Event For Andy Swan! Tickets Now On Sale!

July 8, 2010

I’ve told you all about my friend Andy Swan more than once on my blog. Andy is one of the crew members on the set of Criminal Minds, which stars Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler, Shemar Moore, AJ COok, Paget Brewster and Kirsten Vangsness. Andy was diagnosed with Stage IV Non Small Cell [...]

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Dear CBS Executives, Please Don’t Let Go Of AJ Cook or Paget Brewster.

June 18, 2010

I am in the process of drafting a wordy post about your recent decision to let go of AJ Cook and shorten the screen time of my absolute show favorite Paget Brewster. It will be up soon. When it goes up it will climb to the top of the Google pages. I will be SEO’ing [...]

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Criminal Minds Shows Us We Share Too Much In Social Networking. A Few Tips To Be Safe!

May 21, 2010

As a lot of you know Criminal Minds is one of my favorite television shows. I named my child after Dr. Spencer Reid and I even visited the set of the show last August. I tune in each and every Wednesday night on CBS to see what darkness the best writers on television will bring. [...]

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