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Screen Shot 2012 02 15 at 4.30.36 PM Paget Brewster To Leave Criminal Minds At End Of 7th Season.Breaking news states that Paget Brewster will be leaving the cast of Criminal Minds at the end of this season. I think we all knew that she was unhappy on the show. She has made Tweets a few times about how she loves the people but is ready to move on and do different things. I for one can say I’ll support whatever decision she makes and do my best to watch whatever new show in which she stars. My heart is breaking for yet another loss of Emily Prentiss. But hey, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Looks like everyone besides Matthew Gubler has renewed their contract so far. The word is he is currently renegotiating. I’m torn. Part of me knows for a fact that without Dr. Reid this show won’t work, it will be canceled immediately because he is one of the biggest reasons people tune in. However the other side of me realizes that his heart is in directing and not acting. I’m sure he loves Spencer Reid and that Spencer is a part of him, but there is probably more out there for this budding director.

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Lee Allport and Ed Bernero While Ed Bernero Is Saying Goodbye To Criminal Minds, AJ Cook Might Be Saying Hello Again!

Entertainment ExactLee With Criminal Minds Show Runner Ed Bernero

Over at my friend Jill’s blog she has a great story up about my favorite show Criminal Minds. The basis is that Executive Producer Ed Bernero has announced he is leaving the show and AJ Cook (who plays JJ Jareau) is in talks to come back for the following season. Looks like maybe, just maybe Paget Brewster will be back as well.

Unfortunately Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson are still in contract negotiation so we aren’t positive they will be coming back. I for one don’t think I’d watch the show if Hotch left. I just can’t imagine it. As much as I love Shemar, though not as much as Shemar loves Shemar, I would watch without him. He is great but doesn’t add an addiction appeal. My one true deal breaker is Spencer Reid. The show without Spencer Reid wouldn’t be the show anymore. It would fall apart. I don’t think many would watch.

Be sure to check out the full story at What are your opinions?

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Paget Brewster Lands NBC Pilot!

by Lee on March 11, 2011

Paget Brewster 300x225 Paget Brewster Lands NBC Pilot!

Whether you’ve been reading MySentimentExactLee for over 2 years or this blog for 2 weeks you know my affinity for my Criminal Minds actors. I’ve been really upset lately because Paget Brewster decided to take advantage of her “Pilot Out” meaning she was given contractual permission from Criminal Minds to try out a new pilot. This all comes after CBS basically screwed her at the beginning of the season cutting her episodes in half. Somehow they decided they’d made a huge error and asked her back full time. But she wasn’t going to play along, she wanted her Pilot.

I was torn about this. I’ve loved Paget Brewster since the day she said “The card read ‘this is causeĀ  I know ya like rabbits and I know ya like cheese’” When she guest starred on Friends as Kathy. I just loved her. She was beautiful, talented, hysterical and so many other things. I kept an eye on her for years after that.

Problem was, anytime she got on a show, it completely collapsed. I mean it hit rock bottom. Finished. Axed. Paget became known as a show killer, which obviously isn’t a great way to be known as in Hollywood. When it was announced she would join the cast of Criminal Minds I panicked. On one hand I loved Paget, on the other she was a show killer. Crap. I decided to put my faith in an actress I really enjoyed and pray for the best.

And the best happened! Paget joined the show and although it took a few episodes, the fans warmed up to her rather quickly. I think the main thing was she did a much better job than Elle, who was played by Lola Glaudini.

So now I’m in the same boat a second time, but reversed. I really don’t want Paget to leave. I fear if she does her new show will totally flop and she’ll be left out in the cold. I’ll miss her so much if she leaves Criminal Minds.

Her new pilot is going to be entitled My Life As An Experiment from the book by AJ Jacobs entitled Guinea Pig Diaries. I know nothing of this book so I’ll need to check it out. Rest assured Paget’s new pilot will be covered here on Entertainment ExactLee! And as always, I wish her only the best.


Paget Brewster 300x225 Dear CBS Executives, Please Dont Let Go Of AJ Cook or Paget Brewster.I am in the process of drafting a wordy post about your recent decision to let go of AJ Cook and shorten the screen time of my absolute show favorite Paget Brewster. It will be up soon. When it goes up it will climb to the top of the Google pages. I will be SEO’ing the heck out of it. People will notice.

Please remember I am a Nielsen Mom. I represent a large number, I am not sure exactly how many, but it is big, of moms in America. Someone important decided that I was somehow influential. Well, I watch Criminal Minds. I have watched since day one. I ran the Official Fan Site for Matthew Gray Gubler and I named my second child after Dr. Spencer Reid. I visited the set of the show and was treated with the utmost respect by each cast and crew member. So to say I have some stock in this show is an understatement.

I know that this is a bad economy and that hard decisions need to be made. Please make them elsewhere. Criminal Minds is one of the only shows on your network that consistently tops the ratings. To assume that Paget Brewster and AJ Cook are not a part of that equation would be an unfortunate mistake on your part.

Don’t think for one second I don’t remember when you tried to pull this on CSI with George Eads and Jorja Fox. Fans did not take kindly to your money saving approach and guess what, both of those actors were put back on the payroll. This was even back when CSI was a ratings sensation. Learn from your mistakes and please don’t mess with a good thing.

I’ll now go back to writing a very passionate post for my Entertainment section. Keep your eyes peeled.


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